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Honda Civic Type R EP3 Tuning Packages

All Prices include fitting, parts and mapping on our Dyno Dynamics Rolling road.

Our staged package prices include all previous stages, so if you wanted a stage 3 package that would include the parts from stage 1,2 and 3 and should deliver the gain shown for that stage.

Tuning Packages

injenStage 1 Package Up to 10BHP

AEM/Injen cold air Intake £295 + Vat

Our stage 1 package for the EP3 Civic Type R concentrates on freeing up the intake in order to make your K20A2 breathe more easily. The addition of a cold air intake provides great gain in combination with outstanding value for money. We have often found that the CAI gives better mid range response than the much more sizeable Gruppe M airbox, which although it delivers marginal top end power gains, is much more expensive.

K100Stage 1 package Map Up to 15BHP

Hondata K100 ECU with custom remap £690+ vat

  • 5-10bhp peak
  • Up to 35 BHP Mid range
  • Up to 35 ft.lbs Mid range

The Eurospec stage one Map package enables you to maximize your car as it stands, and at every subsequent point in the tuning process, ensuring all your modifications generate the maximum benefits that they can.

Adding a K100 or Kpro (+£200) as your first modification to your EP3 Integra ensures you can always get the most out of every subsequent modification.

Here are the results from adding a K100 to our absolutely stock civic Type R and performing a custom remap.

dyno graph

Stage 2 Package Up to 15BHP

Stage 1 + Exhaust catback (from DC Sports) From £685 + vat

Our stage 2 is a stage 1 +, it will free up the intake AND the exhaust system, changing the tone of the K20 into a deeper growl without being too intrusive at cruise.

Cat Back

Stage 3 Package Up to 25BHP

Stage 2 + Exhaust manifold (From DC Sports) From £1075 + vat

The stage 3 tuning package for your EP3 concentrates on further improving flow through the engine in order to increase its volumetric efficiency, allowing even greater power gains. To do this we concentrate on freeing up the exhaust path using DC sports products, which provide similar gains to TODA systems, but offering much greater value for money.


Stage 4 Package Up to 35BHP

Stage 3 + RBC Intake Manifold From £1615 + vat

The stage 4 tuning package further improves the intake efficiency of your K20 to optimize its power output. We use the ultra efficient RBC manifold which, being an OEM Honda part, leaves the engine as reliable as ever.


Honda Tak ProStage 5 Package Up to 55BHP

Stage 4 + custom remap From £2305 + vat

This is the last stage without having to open the engine.

At Eurospec we can remap your Civic EP3 using the K Manager software to develop a custom map for your car. We use your standard ECU that we modified to accept a Kpro board. This will allow us to reflash the stock ECU with a custom map we’ll develop for your car. When your stock ECU has been reflash you can either choose to keep the Kpro board (writer and reader) or go for the cheapest option which is the K100 board (only reader, no USB port on it but the map inside the ECU remains the same).

Stage 5 against stock EP3:

Stage 5 Dyno Graph

Price List

AEM/Injen Cold air Intake £295 +vat supplied and fitted
DC sports Exhaust catback £390 +vat supplied and fitted
DC sports Exhaust manifold £390 +vat supplied and fitted
Full custom map £250 +vat N/A
£350+Vat Turbo/Supercharged/ITBs
Tweak £110 +vat/hour for small modification (stage2 to stage 3 for example)
K100 package £690 +vat
Kpro package £890 +vat
RBC Manifold £540+vat supplied and fitted

We do offer a large choice of different brands to suit your needs and preferences, email us or phone us for more information, details and prices on Toda system, AEM EMS management, Gruppe M Airbox, Skunk2, Brian crower etc…

Head packages

At Eurospec we offer a wide range of different headwork, from the basic port and polish to a full race head for your all motor or high power turbocharged engine.

Basic Head Package£795 + vat

  • Square head by milling the deck parallel to the camshaft bores.
  • Mill chamber reliefs around each valve seat.
  • Custom radius/discrete valve job. Larger than stock seats at no additional charge. Seat heights set to within .001".
  • Machine valve faces and back-angles (used or factory valves), or indicate faces and machine as necessary (new aftermarket valves).
  • Rework port bowls and blend into valve seats to achieve desired flow characteristics.
  • Blend and smooth combustion chambers.
  • Match intake entries and exhaust port exits to achieve proper port match and mismatch for reversion control.
  • CC and mill head to achieve proper compression ratio.
  • Assemble with new OE valve seals and set valve spring heights for correct camshaft/rpm application.
  • Conversion of VTEC heads to fit non-VTEC blocks at no additional charge.
  • CNC chamber rework to match larger bore diameters adds £100.00 + vat

Full-Ported Package£1095 + vat

  • Includes everything in the Basic Porting Package
  • Valve seat height adjustment for proper valve to valve clearance with maximum valve diameters.
  • Full combustion chamber rework
  • Full intake and exhaust port rework to optimize flow and port volume for specific engine application.
  • Ports spot flowed to verify results.
  • CNC chamber rework to match larger bore diameters adds £100.00 + vat

Professional Full-Ported Package £1450.00 + vat

  • Includes everything from the full-ported package
  • Custom port shaping for most extreme applications.
  • Custom Valvetrain Machining.
  • Custom CNC chamber shaping and head milling
  • *Machine and install larger diameter valve seat inserts £200.00 + vat
  • *Welded Chambers £200.00 + vat

Individual Machining and Component Packages

  • Cold Welding chambers £200.00 + vat
  • Head Welding Repair Price on Request
  • Bronze Guides £5.00 each + vat
    • Installed and Hone-Fitted (including guide cost) £150 + vat
  • Valves £16.95 each + vat
    • Purchased with headwork package £14.50 each + vat
  • Valve Springs £285/£395 + vat
  • Titanium Retainers (std, +.030", +.060") £149 + vat
  • Hardened Split Locks (per set of 32 pieces) £59.80 + vat

Headwork on a car

  • Changing camshafts: £180 + vat
  • Changing camshafts + valve springs and retainers: £270 + vat
  • Changing camshaft + valve springs and retainers + valves: £490 + vat
    • This does not include the parts