About Us

Eurospec was established in 1999, and since then we have expanded into our current 10,000 sq ft facility in Guildford in Surrey. We specialise in Japanese Sports Cars and we can take care of anything from a minor repair, through diagnostics, tuning and mapping, to full on custom fabricated race car builds. Our dedicated engine build technicians professionally assemble anything from a basic engine refresh, to a full on forged race engine. Like many of our customers all of us are car nuts and we all know the difference between a daily, a weekend car and those track weapons that are kept hidden most of the year! Whether you are looking for a quick remap, performance mods, a service, MOT or in need of mechanical repairs you can be sure that the person working on your car is a car fanatic just like you. The atmosphere here is very relaxed, were happy for you to wander around and see what were up to from the customer area and have a laugh with the guys as we work. Everyone is happy to answer your questions and give you pointers for your car.

Our Workshop | Customer Facilities | The Team

Our workshop

WorkshopSituated in the Slyfield Industrial Estate, our workshop is fully equipped with the latest tools and equipment. We continually re-invest in our range of workshop hand and power tools to ensure our equipment is up to date and able to cope with the changes manufacturers continually make to their vehicles.

Using our range of up to date scan tools and diagnostic equipment we can diagnose pretty much any issue you might have with your car, and once we have our up to date ramps and service bays allow us to repair it quickly and efficiently.

If you are unlucky enough to have one of those tricky issues with your car that no one else can resolve, then give us a call! We’ll come out to you, anywhere in England, bring your car back here, diagnose it and give you a full 60 point written report on its condition for just £295 all inc!

Customer Facilities

We know that some customers like to drive their cars but don’t want to really get into the nitty gritty of what keeps them going. We also know that whilst its fun watching a remap at first, after an hour or so it gets pretty boring! If you want to hang out here then you are more than welcome. We’ve a neat little customer waiting area where you are welcome to help yourself to tea and coffee, surf the net, or stick on a film! If you’d rather be out and about we can grab you a cab into town, or why not rent one of our little courtesy cars and go for a run round!  Flipin Neeeeeeeeeooooommmn!

The Team


Ben became a partner in Eurospec in 2006 after working with Mark for a couple of years previously and now owns the business. He is a fully qualified Mechanical Engineer and is of only 140 people in the world to hold the EFI University’s Advanced Engine Tuners Certificate. Ben worked in industry before joining Eurospec, including working for a short time for Cosworth in their Northampton manufacturing facility. Ben is our main engine mapper and tuner and he’s responsible for our 956bhp Mitsubishi GTO.


Ceri has played a part in Eurospec for years now. Before coming to work for us 3 years ago Ceri used to hang out here and helping us out with dyno days etc. Ceri’s passion is her Milano Red DC5 Integra, lots of us think its because it matches her hair, but the reality is that the girl loves Honda, and what she doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. You will find Ceri running the show in the office.

Romain (Did you know ee iz from France?)

Romain joined Eurospec in December 2009, having previously run his own tuning shop. He is an excellent mapper and engine builder. He tends to concentrate on the 4 cylinder engines we build and on mapping Hondas for us, which he loves more than life itself!  And yes, thats right, we know, he is French. He would like to apologise now for the production by his country of both the Citroen 2CV and the Renault 4.


Jordan started life at Eurospec as our apprentice and now he is our workshop manager! He is very talented young man, he can build engines, Mig and Tig weld, run the dyno, he can fabricate, create custom wiring looms, Basically if it has wheels, he can make it better, faster and prettier!  Jordan was the youngest driver to ever win a Time Attack Championship in 2016 in our very own Honda Civic FK2, now that is talent!


Nathan is one of our Rotary specialists.  He joined us at Eurospec after we acquired the operations of Apex Rotary. Nath’s passion is Rotary, he knows both the RX7 and RX8 backwards. He is not afraid to get up close and personal with them! Nath is enjoying working on more variety of jap cars now.


Seb is Nathans partner in crime he is the other half of Eurospec Rotary team. Coming from Poland  Seb came to us when we purchased the operations of Apex and he is our main Rotary Engine Builder. Seb is fully conversant with RX7s and 8s and hes normally to be found bolting them back together in our dedicated build room.


Chris is our very own valeting and detailing specialist. He joined our crazy bunch here in 2016, having previously worked in high end car prep in London. He is used to working to the highest standards and producing exceptional results. If its shiny, then the chances are its Chris that made it so!