AMS EVO GT42R Turbo kit


GT42R Turbo Kit, the ultimate drag racing turbo kit for your Evo

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900 WHP plus CAPABLE!!!!

When a GT37R just isnt enough! AMS offers the GT42R Turbo Kit, the ultimate drag racing turbo kit for your Evo.

This is the same turbo kit found the two highest HP EVO VIII’s in the world.

The AMS EVO VIII GT42R Turbo Kit consists of the following:

  • AMS Custom GT42R Turbo header with Divided Collector

  • Garrett GT42R Turbo

  • Limited lifetime warranty against header cracking

  • Twin Tial 38 MM Wastegates of your color choice

  • 4″ Stainless Steel V-band Downpipe to terminate under the car

  • 3″ Lower IC pipe for use with our Race AMS FMIC

  • All necessary Oil and Water Lines

  • Small Koyo Radiator Modified to use on the EVO VIII and IX

  • Silver High Temp Coating on the Header, Turbine Housing and Downpipe

In our shop AMS EVO VIII this kit made 1000 HP to the wheels. On an AMS 2.3 stroker motor it made 1041whp.

Full spool up on a 2.0L is between 5500-5700 rpm. If you are running a 2.3 stroker expect full spool by 5000-5200 rpm. Even with these remarkably quick spool-up times this turbo kit is not meant for road racing and will probably be considered too laggy on the street for daily driving purposes.