ASNU 750cc Billet Fuel Injectors Evo 1-10


750cc ASNU Billet Injectors



ASNU are making some of the finest fuel injectors in the business.  We choose ASNU for all our own race cars and we specify them for our customers whenever we can.  ASNU injectors are all billet, so they are not affected by E85 or any other racing fuels that cause so many other injectors to degrade.  They feature multi spray heads so the atomisation of fuel is better and the burn is more even.  Heavy smoking on boost is virtually eliminated by the smaller droplet sizes these injectors produce.


Set of 4 ASNU 750cc fuel injectors


The ASNU range of Performance Injectors offer the user a complete and unique range of injectors
with various flow rate options and spray patterns.

All designed to suit the varied Motorsport and Street Performance applications.

With the range of Electrical Connector Adapters and Hard Wire connectors, combined with our range of Fuel Rail Adapters
and reducers, there is an ASNU Performance Injector to suit most applications.

The ASNU “Select ‘n’ Injector” High Performance Injector Programme offers the Engine Tuner / High Performance user a complete and unique range of injector options to suit their individual requirements or application.

The ASNU injectors options of spray pattern angles. Each spray angle option is matched to a flow rate to ensure optimum usage of the fuel provided. Based on ASNU experience, these injectors are designed for the varied Motorsport and Street Performance applications.

All holes in the ASNU orifice cap are cut using lasers for greater accuracy and repeatability. Using this latest technology allows ASNU to produce caps with very specific spray patterns and flow rates and can even produce to the customers own specifications.

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