BC Racing Coilovers ER Series Civic EP3

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The ER Series coilover from BC Racing stands for External Reservoir. This series includes all the same features of the BR series along with the RM series, with the key difference between the ER and the others being an External Reservoir. The External Reservoir holds many advantages over the other series coilovers that have only an Internal Reservoir. They feature BC Racing’s 30 way damping system with independent compression/ rebound adjustments and can be fully customized. Ride height is separately adjusted along with separately adjustable spring pre load. These ER Series coilovers are ideal for drivers that require complete customization and adjustability to finely tune for race applications.

External Reservoir

An external reservoir for a coilover can serve many key features when taking your car to the track. One of the main features would be the fact that there is much more oil capacity present. With the external reservoir in place, there is an extra compartment to store fluids. This provides a significant increase in oil capacity, which will take longer for all of it to heat up. This better distributes the heat that the strut will make when in full operation. This will also lower the peak temperature that the oil will reach and permits it to be run longer before overheating. When oil heats up, it changes in viscosity and effects how efficiently it can function due to a variation in damper rates. Controlling the oil temperature can directly relate to controlling the damper consistency. More damper consistency will improve handling on road and track applications while being much more predictable.

Separate Compression and Rebound Damping Adjustment

By separating the adjustment for damping compression and rebound the ER Series allows you to dial the vehicle in to your exact needs. When braking hard whilst approaching a corner you want the car to transfer weight to the front tyres to maximise grip for the braking effort and also to allow you to trail brake into the corner without the car understeering.

As you start to lift off the brakes on corner entry you don’t want the suspension to snap back up too quickly as this will remove the loading from the front tyres too quickly and lead to understeer. As soon as the car starts to understeer you need to wind off the steering lock to reduce the work effort applied to the tyres to allow them to regain traction. This slows the vehicles ultimate speed.

The compression damping adjustment allows you to fine tune the way the car rolls onto its front tyres during braking and the separate rebound adjustment allows you to fine tune the way the car responds as you come off the brakes to enter the corner proper and keep the front end hooked up. This allows you to get back on the power sooner and maximise corner exit speed. Corner exit speed is vital because this determines you maximum speed achieved down the next straight.

 Key Fetures include:

  • Externally Mounted Reservoir
  • Mono-tube Shock Design
  • Dual Piston Design
  • 30 levels of Damping Force Adjustment
  • Pillowball Front and Rear Mounts
  • Height Adjustable via Shock Body Maintains Damper Stroke At All Ride Heights
  • One Year Warranty
  • Fully Rebuildable With All Parts Available

The ER Series is available in only one mount version, standard with Pillowball Front and Rear mounts.

These coilovers use the conventional style rear suspension with the stock spring bucket.

Only one coilover for the ER Series 12/16kg/mm 2-Way External Reservoir.


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