Performance Package Civic EP3


This is the most awesome Performance Package deal for your Honda EP3

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BOOM!   If you want the best performance package for your Honda, then this is it !

The EP3 is a great car to start with, but these carefully selected mods will make it even better.  This package gives you the best bang per buck and number of smiles per mile of any package on the internet, in a shop, or even on the freakin space shuttle!  Its safe to say that you are not gonna get a better deal than this!

To get more power from your Civic, you need to improve the breathing into and out of the engine.  Our performance pack concentrates on doing just that. You get:-

Tegiwa Teg M intake air box

Tegiwa 4-2-1 premium 304 grade stainless manifold

Non resinated premium 304 grade stainless mid section

Premium 304 grade stainless rear section and back box

Choice of mapping software



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