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£3,120.00 £2,999.00

Complete Rotrex Supercharger Kit

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The Rotrex Sport Supercharger Kit

This a great performance jump for your EP3.  We normally see between 300 and 320bhp at the flywheel from this kit, which totally transforms the car.  The kit is proffesionally manufactured by TTS and contains everything you need to fit it:

Rotrex C30-94 Supercharger
Supercharger oil
Rotrex oil tank
Rotrex oil filter
Rotrex oil lines
Rotrex oil cooler
Supercharger pulley
Alloy main support brackets
Plenum chamber
Drive belt
All alloy connecting pipes
All silicon hoses and clips
All mounting spacers, brackets and fasteners
RC 750cc Injectors and adapter plugs
Fitting instructions

All you need to do is fit this to your car and enjoy the transformation in performance!

We reccomend that you fit an uprated fuel pump with this kit and of course map your car with either a K100 or Kpro ecu.