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Stage 1 Package AEM/Injen cold air Intake Hondata K100 ECU with custom remap

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Tuning Package Stage 1

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AEM/Injen cold air Intake

Our stage 1 package for the EP3 Civic Type R concentrates on freeing up the intake in order to make your K20A2 breathe more easily. The addition of a cold air intake provides great gain in combination with outstanding value for money. We have often found that the CAI gives better mid range response than the much more sizeable Gruppe M airbox, which although it delivers marginal top end power gains, is much more expensive.

Stage 1 package Map Up to 15BHP

Hondata K100 ECU with custom remap

  • 5-10bhp peak
  • Up to 35 BHP Mid range
  • Up to 35 ft.lbs Mid range

The Eurospec stage one Map package enables you to maximize your car as it stands, and at every subsequent point in the tuning process, ensuring all your modifications generate the maximum benefits that they can.

Adding a K100 or Kpro (+£200) as your first modification to your EP3 Integra ensures you can always get the most out of every subsequent modification.

Here are the results from adding a K100 to our absolutely stock civic Type R and performing a custom remap.

dyno graph


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