Honda Integra DC2 Competition Clutch Stage 4


Competition Clutch Stage 4

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Are you a track day driver that also uses their car on the road?

This stage 4 clutch is sprung, allowing for a smoother drive, making it safe for both road and track.

Key Features

  • This clutch can be used on both road and track, ideal if you drive to track events.
  • Sprung for smoother gear changes at higher horsepower.
  • Allows an increase of up to 250% torque capacity.
  • Safe for road
  • Non slip clutch
  • Six puck sprung disc

The competition Clutch Stage 4 (sprung) is the clutch for you if you have a car with a lot of modifications and drive it both on the road and the track. It allows for a 250% increase in the stock torque capacity.

As a result of the springs gear changes can be performed at higher revs and still give a smoother gear, they also allow the car to be driven at lower speeds such as on the road in traffic.

300 mile break in is required with this clutch

Honda Integra DC2 B-Series Hydro.