Honda Integra DC2 HKS Silent Hi-power cat back exhaust


HKS Silent Hi-power cat back exhaust

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High quality sound, sport exhaust system with reduced noise level

Silent Hi-Power mufflers offer high performance and sporty appearance with the added benefit of reduced noise levels making it the best choice for more mature enthusiasts. Silent Hi-Power mufflers are constructed entirely of SUS304 grade stainless steel for high lustre, long lasting performance. For certain applications, HKS has introduced the “Silent Chamber” which removes a lot of the lower frequency noise that can often be heard into the cabin even when cruising. The silent chamber removes this uncomfortable noise but due to its closed end design, only a minimal amount of exhaust gas flows into it, meaning that the disruption to exhaust gas flow through the entire system is minimized and there is no harm to performance.

This cat back exhaust fits 98 spec integra.