Honda Integra DC5 Rotrex Supersport Supercharger Kit


Complete Rotrex Supersports Supercharger Kit Bolt


The First and Only Direct Bolt on Supercharger Kit Engineered specifically for the DC5!

This a great performance jump for your Teg.  We normally see between 340 and 360bhp at the flywheel from this kit, which we feel is the limit for the stock engine internals.  The kit is proffesionally manufactured by TTS and contains everything you need to fit it.  The charger, inlet manifold, brackets, injectors, intercooler, replacement radiator, uprated map sensor and fuel pump.

All you need to do is fit this to your car and enjoy the transformation in performance!

We reccomend that you fit an uprated clutch with this kit and of course map your car with either a K100 or Kpro ecu.