J’s Racing Roll Centre Adjusters Civic EP3


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The J’s Roll Centre Adjuster is a small device that corrects the roll centre on lowered cars. Often the suspension geometry on a factory car is set up so that the roll centre and centre of gravity are near one another. When we lower the car our lower arms tend to end up pointing skywards, and our roll centre is lifted creating unsteady turn in and producing body roll. The Roll Centre Adjuster addresses the incorrect angle of the lower arm so that the roll centre is lowered to be more in line with the centre of gravity – therefore providing handling as you would expect on a lowered vehicle.

As an added bonus the roll center adjuster can offer much larger camber adjustment!

Kit Includes

  • S45C Ball joint
  • SCM435 Ball Stud
  • HB195-260 shaking angular full circuit 39deg
  • 10mm Extension

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