Mitsubishi Evo 1 2 3 Tomei Strengthened Balance Belt


Tomei Strengthened Balance Belt

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Although the timing belt is a common part of the engine, not all OEM and aftermarket timing belts are designed to be used on highly tuned turbo powered engines. The durability of the timing belt is greatly reduced with performance engines running at high RPM with aggressive camshafts, increased torque coming from the valve springs, extreme heat conditions from the larger turbos and more.
The Lancer evolution is equipped with the balance shaft, which is driven by crankshaft. However, by use of the severe situation in tuning engine, cutting or wear of the balancer belt occur and serious breakage may be caused. TOMEI strengthen balancer belt improves intensity sharply by using same Kevlar fibre as timing belt to the surface of the belt, and prevents cutting and wear beforehand.