Mitsubishi Evo 10 Blitz Nur-Spec DT exhaust


Blitz Nur-Spec DT exhaust

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The design and construction of the Nur Spec Double Tube exhaust is second to none. They are engineered from SUS304 grade polished stainless steel, with computer controlled precision ‘Tig’ welding.

The pipework is mandrel bent which maintains a constant diameter throughout allowing superior flow.

Nur Spec DT exhausts are designed for a luxurious look with the dual tube tip design.

All Nur Spec DT exhausts have passed the new JASMA regulation in Japan.

Please note: The Nur Spec Double Tube name applies to the tailpipe design and not the number of tailpipes.

Nur Spec DT, 2 Piece exhaust system

Polished SUS304 stainless steel

80mm bore pipwork

Twin 114.3mm Tailpipe (1 on either side)

Noise level 90DB

Evo 10, CZ4A, 4B11, 10/07>