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HKS fuel delivery kit

Order Valium Canada, Ordering Valium

Fuel parts are very important to achieve “big power.” HKS Fuel Delivery Kit does not include injectors, fuel line parts, and a regulator. 
To use this kit, the injector must be a stock or select one from the HKS Top Feed Type Injectors of 550cc, 680cc, or 1000cc. The fuel line parts must be Aeroquip’s and the regulator must be HKS Adjustable Regulator.


  • Injectors that diameter of delivery pipe connection portion is φ11 like HKS 1000cc (1402-RA002) and 800cc (14002-AM001) can be installed.
  • HKS Fuel Regulator can be installed.
  • With HKS Fuel Regulator, fuel pressure will be adjustable.
  • Purple alumite colored.

Point of specification change

Due to different positions of delivery pipe connection, when 800cc injector is installed, the delivery pipe is located closer to the engine (than 1000cc injector). This will be adjusted with insulator included in the kit. (1000cc uses stock insulator).
Because of this change, the old delivery pipe contacts with camshaft position sensor.
To prevent the problem, the new kit has shorter delivery pipe.