Mitsubishi Evo 4-9 Magnecor KV85 Ignition leads


Magnecor KV85 Ignition leads

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Magnecor KV85 8.5mm High Performance Ignition Leads are designed for race engines using performance ignition systems and are also ideal for engines that are turbo or supercharged. The jacket is made from extreme heat-resistant silicone rubber.  The Magnecore 2.5mm metallic inductance suppressd conductor will supress EMI which allows these leads to be used on road vehicles with any type of ignition system. Can be fitted into most original lead holders.

Magnecor’s Exclusive Metallic Inductance Suppressed Conductor will outlast the life of any engine. Magnecor lead sets are not manufactured just to be a service item – to further improve reliability some Magnecor leads use different connectors to overcome problems associated with the original set, this being particularly important if the vehicle is used for competition. Stainless steel snap-lock terminals are used for spark plug ends and phosphor-bronze, brass or stainless steel terminals for distributor/coil ends. Leads are individually numbered for easy installation.

Magnecor’s commitment to quality ensures that each ignition lead set is manufactured from the highest quality components available. Hand-assembled by their highly trained production staff, Magnecor leads are covered by a 10 year guarantee which ensures long lasting reliability and service life.

Lead time is approx 10-14 working days