Mitsubishi GTO ATS Across Triple Carbon Clutch


ATS Across Triple Carbon Clutch


The ATS carbon clutch with its super light and heat resistant characteristics of CC composite gives a driver truly exceptional strength, response, and durability.

The ATS carbon clutches are very well known in the world with its unsurpassed torque delivery, durability, smoothness to drive and easiness to the transmission.

The features:
* Outstanding torque delivery from the 9 inch diameter CC composite friction disc
* Rated horse power – Single up to 400 hp, Twin up to 670 hp, & Triple up to 1,000 hp at the wheel
(for Spec II – Single up to 530 hp, Twin up to 800 hp, & Triple up to 1,200 hp)
* A super light clutch disc insures excellent clutch response and shift feeling
* Super easy operation – engagement is exceptionally smooth

This excellent performance clutch is intended for extreme powers as high as 1,200 hp (at the wheel). At the same time, we made half clutch operation even easier to control than it is for the carbon single/twin clutch. There is absolutely no need to worry about poor disengagement. The carbon disk weighs 210g and inertia weight is kept at a minimum, so that gear shifting is as quick as it is with a regular clutch. This is the ultimate clutch that is much longer-lasting than metal clutches, astonishingly strong because of our non-mesh random-weaving method, and will not be damaged by repeated severe driving.