Mitsubishi GTO ESP Dual Pass Radiator


ESP Dual Pass Radiator


This all aluminium radiator offers a huge cooling improvement over the stock radiator. Its design carries fluid across the full width of the radiator twice, versus top to bottom of the stock, so coolant is travelling through the cooling core three times as far. And the core is much larger than the stock version.  At 1.5″ thick, its 50% thicker than the factory turbo radiators and nearly 2.5 times as thick as the non-turbos with the thinner radiators!


Mounting hardware is included with the kit. It includes custom upper aluminum brackets with rubber grommets to hold it in place, and drops down into the stock lower seats for mounting. Also included are 2 plugs if your radiator does not have the 2 sensors on the bottom, and an easy-release drain plug.

The radiator is designed to use your stock original upper and lower hose. While you do have to modify the upper hose, the necessary hardware is included for this. You simply cut the stock upper hose in the middle of the straight portion, spin the front part around 180° and insert the included tube and clamp the hose down on the tube. If you decide to use custom or aftermarket hoses, the inlet/outlet are 1.5″ diameter.


Also included is custom hardware for mounting Flexalite fans. The radiator is not designed to fit the stock fans (though the casing on the stock ones could potentially be trimmed to fit behind the brackets that hold the Flexalite fans). You will have to modify the wiring to fit the Flexalite fans as well.
Choose between Black, Blue, Red, or Yellow fans.

NOTE: Not designed for use on cars with automatic transmissions.

Available with Flexalite Dual High-Flow Fans (comes as an assembled unit) or without fans.