Mitsubishi GTO ESP Front Intercooler Kit


ESP Front Mount Intercooler Kit


This Kit contains everything you need to fit this intercooler to your GTO/3000GT.

The kit comprises of the following items:

31″x11″x3″ Intercooler
Clamp Kit (A Mikalor Clamp kit is available as an extra)
Silicon Hose Kit
All required Aluminium Pipes
Bolts and Brackets to fit this kit to your GTO/3000GT

The Intercooler Kit Specifications are

Intercooler Length 31″
Intercooler Height 11″
Intercooler Thickness 3″
Intercooler Inlet Diameter 2.75″
Intercooler Outlet Diameter 2.75″
Compress Air Flow Rate <700Cubic Feet/Min
Rated to 700 BHP
Working Pressure: 5~40PSI
Pressure Drop 2~5psi@35psi; +or- 0.2~0.5psi@15psi
Hot Air Working Temperature 32°F~302°F (0°C~150°C)
Material 100% Aluminium Design Bar and Plate Construction
Machine Cut and Stamped
All Items in Kit Hand Welded
All pipes come in a Polished Finish
Net Weight 28 lbs

Some trimming of the front bumper is required to fit this kit and if you use the measurements we supply to fit the Intercooler. It fit will fit behind the crash bar with at least a 35mm gap, so air can circulate over the entire Intercooler face.

Fits both 5 and 6 speed Gearbox cars. 6 Speed cars need special attention to assembly for correct fitment. But no modifications need to be done to cars chassis to enable fitment.

Telephone technical Support available