Mitsubishi GTO Mk 2, 3, 4 DBA Slotted/Grooved Rear Brake Discs 297mm


DBA Slotted Rear Brake Discs 297mm

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Replacement set of 297mm DBA Slotted Rear Brake Discs.

Patented “Kangaroo Paw” ventilation design rapidly expels friction gases keeping the Brake Rotor cooler which keeps Brake fade at bay longer

Non Directional slotted design

The drilling and slotting efficiently clears water, dust and debris, while creating better friction and a cleaner disc surface. This also provides even pad wear and assists in minimising glazing of pad surfaces minimises brake fade

DBA GOLD Rotors perform well in wet conditions and safely during an emergency braking situation.

DIRECT REPLACEMENT for all GTO MK2, 3 and 4 Brake Rotors