Mitsubishi GTO Mk 2, 3 and 4 Clevite Complete Coated Big End, Main and Thrust Bearing Kit Mitsubishi Mk 2, 3 and 4


Clevite Complete Coated Big End, Main and Thrust Bearing Kit for your Mitsubishi Mk 2, 3 and 4

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COATED Clevite engine bearings for the DOHC 6G72 3S engine.  These are the same Clevite Bearings we have been selling and running for years, but these have had a special coating added to them to help with longevity and cold starts. 

The biggest benefit of coated bearings is preventing damage during cold starts and events where oil starvation is evident. Starting your car is almost the worst thing you can do as the oil has had time to drain out of the engine back into the pan.  The oil is cold and thicker and takes time to get circulated throughout the engine, including to the crank bearings.  The added dry film lubricant coating acts as a barrier between the bearing surface and the crank journal. Other benefits are less friction and longer bearing and crank journal life. The special coating also has moly and other ingrediants that retain oil rather than repell it.

The coating is a patented process whereby the bearing is purified (degreased and degassed), and the coating is bonded to the bearing babbitt layer without removing babbitt layer. The coating is cured onto the surface under temperatures of around 300 degrees F. Each shell is inspected before and after the coating process to ensure consistency.  The coating thickness is about 0.0002″ – 0.0003″ per shell.

This coating process was developed for and is used in race engines, and applied to street and daily-use cars to help yield more durable engines