Mitsubishi GTO Mk 2, 3 and 4 ESP 13T Turbo Kit


ESP 13T Brand New Cored Turbo Conversion Kit

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We supply these turbos with brand manufactured turbo rotational cores.
This kit no longer requires any modification to OIL or WATER Pipes that other kits require. These Turbo’s are now supplied with new water return pipes and fittings, enabling you to just unbolt your existing turbo’s and replace them with our new kit.

The only modification you may need will be to saw off the very end of the Rear Intercooler pipe to facilitate the installation of a silicone elbow to join the pipe to the turbo as the exit of the turbo is different on the 13T Turbo to that of the 9B or 13G on a standard car.
This is unnecessary if you are fitting our Intercooler kit.

These Turbos can give a massive improvement to the GTO, 3000GT’s or Mk 2, 3 and 4’s performance, And have a proven 450+BHP capability. This was achieved with a modest boost far below what they are capable of achieving.
Customers have seen as much as a consistent 26psi with these turbos.