Mitsubishi GTO Mk2, 3, 4 Cosworth StreetMaster Front Brake Pads


Cosworth StreetMaster Front Brake Pads

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  • Medium-hard sports pad suitable for heavy duty/fast road
  • ECE R90 approval
  • Superior bite – 0.5µ friction coefficient – virtually from first pedal
  • Strong brake effect up to 650°C
  • Chamfered edge – avoid lifting
  • Fitted with premium quality shim hardware – silent braking technology
  • Durability factor 6.5 with rotor minimal disc abrasion
  • Produces consistent, predictable braking performance
  • Heat seared to reduce bedding in

Cosworth StreetMaster brake pads are a road legal R90, carbon based , medium-hard sports pad suitable for fast road and light track day applications.

StreetMaster pads offer superior bite at low temperature and remain very stable over a wide temperature range up to 650°C delivering preictable braking & an excellent “pedal-feel”.