Nissan R35 Syvecs S8 plug and plug ECU and Custom Map


Nissan R35 Syvecs S8 plug and plug ECU

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This is the world’s first stand-alone Engine Management Solution for the Nissan R35GTR. Over the last 12 months SYVECS has been working hard to develop a completely new product for the tuning of the Nissan R35GTR. Around the world, as the limits of the VR38DETT are pushed further and further, the last hurdle to jump has always been the OEM ECU. Now free of the restrictions that re-flashing of the stock ECU imposes, tuners can now use the SYVECS EMS to go further, push harder and take advantage of the superior control, Motorsport developed strategies and full data logging that it offers. The advanced engine management, together with a full software suite, offers unbeatable flexibility and protection to all tuning levels, safeguarding your investment, while maximising performance.