R35 GTR Custom Ecutek Remap


ECU-TEK Remap for your R35 GTR

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We use Ecutek because it is the best product out there for developing custom maps for the R35.  We know there are ‘load and go’ devices on the market, but we believe that these cars need a custom mapping, especially so with the mirriad of different tuning parts that are now available for them.

All R35’s mapped by us come with full feature Race Rom 4 functionality at no extra cost.  That means you can have switchable maps, rolling launch, variable boost control, all controlled from your steering wheel buttons included in the price.

Every one of our Ecutek maps is completed on our dyno, and tested afterwards on the road to ensure everything is in order.


If your car has been Ecutek’d before you will recieve a £150 discount since we wont have to apply a licence to it.