Rolling Road Day


Exclusive Rolling Road Day @ Eurospec

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Part of a club?  You and a few mates want to get power runs on your cars?  Here is your chance!

We offer a package for you which includes:-

  • From £35 per car (less than 13 cars £40)
  • Set up car on Dyno
  • 3 Power runs
  • Full Graphing
  • Turbo cars run with Det cans

Also every dyno day package includes:-

  • Free Tea/Coffee
  • Free cans of Coke/Diet
  • Free use of BBQ for club events
  • Free biccies, cakes and general munchies
  • Subsidised Pizza Delivery

Prices vary depending on how many cars you have in your group, but placing a £150 deposit will secure your day.  Please make sure you give us your full contact details and preffered dates when you check out.