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Initial setup and mapping to new standalone system

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Initial setup and mapping to new standalone system.  When you install a new system from scratch the initial set up is a lot more involved than a less complex remap.  If you’ve fitted a new system in your car, and it either wont start, or the start is poor or it wont idle, then you are going to need a full set up.  We will need your car for a number of days to ensure that the cold start etc is working.

Getting your car ready to be mapped

Sometimes we see cars coming in to the dyno with a myriad of leaks, mechanical and ignition problems, the exhaust falling off, or the gearbox on the way out. These kinds of problems to a greater or lesser extent will affect the performance of your vehicle and so please do check your car over first to ensure it is as healthy as it can be. The chief focus for your attentions should be the universal joints in the driveshafts or prop and the tyres. A tyre that blows or a driveshaft that disconnects at 150 mph on the dyno has the potential to be life threatening. Our first priority is safety, and then to maximise the effectiveness of your dyno session. Please don’t be offended if we don’t think its safe to run a particular vehicle.

We get asked a lot of questions about getting cars ready to be mapped- hopefully these notes will help you prepare and get the most out of your dyno session.

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Firstly, please ensure its full of whatever fuel you normally run it on- don’t put in any octane booster or other additives as this will affect the tune. Once the car is mapped on a certain type of fuel, you will need to try to always run it on that fuel. Depending on what is being done and how long it takes on the dyno, a full tank may be required.


Check your tyres for pressure and damage. Ensure they are up to the proper pressure and that there are no nails, screws, bulges or cuts in your tyres. Whilst we will check them, we cannot run a car on the rollers if the tyres are in poor condition. Tyres get very heavily loaded on a dyno and they get hot. A tyre failure can result in the car being thrown off the dyno.


Please ensure your car has a new set of plugs of the correct type, heat range and with the correct gap for your application. The biggest cause of lost time on the dyno is from poor plugs which result in misfires – particularly in turbo cars. 

Normal Checks

Check Oil level and ensure its up to the correct mark, and make sure that coolant level and strength is correct. A common failure is a split coolant pipe or radiator cap, so please make sure all are in good condition.