Subaru Impreza New Age SimTek ECU


Plug and Play Simtek ECU for your New Age (Bug Eye/ Blob Eye) scooby, Supplied, Fitted and Mapped.

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Eurospec is proud to supply the complete range of SimTek ECUs. These are great value ECU’s for  your scooby and they provide a rich function list for a bargain price.

We recommend SimTek for street modified cars which are not used in competition.  Each SimTek ECU features


  • MAF Less System
  • Real Time Live Mapping
  • Fully Plug ‘n’ Play
  • Inbuilt Advanced Turbo Control
  • Multiple Maps
  • Knock Detection & Warning
  • Active Knock Correction
  • Closed Loop Fuel Control
  • Closed Loop Idle Speed Contol
  • OEM Driveability
  • Gear Change Output (Shift Light)
  • Multi Stage Engine Speed Limiter
  • Individual Cylinder Fuel & Ignition Trims
  • Automatic Water Spray / Injection Control

This package includes the ECU, fitting and mapping on our rolling road.  If you wish to have anti lag and launch control as well as the other Simtek Pro features, these can be added to your set up for £200.