At Eurospec we offer a comprehensive servicing regime that is exceptional value for money and which equals or exceeds the OEM requirements. With every service we perform on any vehicle we give a full vehicle inspection and advise our customers of any components which we think need attention.

Specialist Scantools and OEM Equipment

  • Mitsubishi MUT II and III
  • Subaru SSMIII
  • Nissan Consult
  • Toyota Scan Tool
  • AuterraII
  • Dyno Scan
  • TMO
  • Mirage Corp
  • Autel OBD

Services range from simple oil changes, through seasonal preparatory services (winter for example) to a regular annual or comprehensive full services and cambelt changes. Every service regime is built upon the OEM service schedules and is specific to model and mileage/age.

The links  allow you to see pricing and what the service recommendations are for your own car.

All servicing is carried out by Eurospec Trained Mechanics who are specialists in the cars they work on. We use quality parts, we use the correct quality lubricants and we have all the specialist equipment required. Eurospec is the only Independent Garage to use the OEM diagnostic systems from all the major manufacturers

All of us at Eurospec drive Jap cars. We love them. We understand that you do too and we know how to look after them.

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