The RX7 is perhaps Mazda’s most famous sports car. For anyone who has driven one, they are unforgettable! The free revving rotary engine, turbocharger spinning up, the sounds are legendary to any petrol head. Eurospec is familiar with the ‘rex and offer a comprehensive servicing regime, backed up by our electronic diagnostics which will help keep your & on the road. We also now do engine rebuilds for the RX7 check out our Rotary page

Servicing Schedule

I = Inspect/top up
R = Replace
6000 12000 18000 24000 30000 36000 42000 48000 54000 60000
Maintenance Item  6000  12000  18000  24000  30000  36000  42000  48000  54000  60000
Battery level & Condition   I   I   I   I   I
Engine Oil  R  R  R  R  R  R  R  R  R  R
Oil Filter  R  R  R  R  R  R  R  R  R  R
Air Filter  I  R  I
Fuel Filter, Check Fuel Lines & Hoses  I  I  I  I  I
Engine Coolant, Cooling system Pressure Test  I  I  I  R  I
Brake Fluid, Level & Condition  I  I  I  R  I  I  I  R  I  I
Clutch Fluid, Level or Adjustment  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I
Brake lines, hoses, connections  I  I  I  I  I
Windscreen washer fluid  R  R  R  R  R  R  R  R  R  R
Auto Gearbox Oil  I  I  I  I  I
Gearbox Oil  R
Rear Diff Oil  R
Spark Plugs  R
Boost Leak Check  I  I
Ancillary Belts  I  I  I  R  I  I  I  R  I  I
Auterra2 DTC Check & PCM Update  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I
Drive Shaft Gators and Steering Rack Gators  I  I
Suspension, Bushes, Ball Joints  I  I
Hand Brake Adjustment  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I
Front and Rear Disk / Brake Pads  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I
Steering Links, Rack, Tie rods, Boots  I  I  I  I  I
Exhaust System  I
Windscreen Wiper Blades  R  R  R
Tyres, Condition & Pressure  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I
Door Locks & Hinges Grease  I  I  I  I  I
All Lights & Lenses  I  I  I  I  I
Brake & Clutch Operation  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I
Operation: Lights, Controls & Instruments  I  I  I  I  I
Power Train Operation  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I
Steering Response  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I
Noise & Rattles  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I
Pricing £95 £135 £155 £285 £135 £285 £135 £355 £245 £315

(All prices exclude VAT)