The Galant and Legnum Vr4’s are some of the most advanced cars on the road. A civilised executive car, yet with supercar performance. At Eurospec we have the knowledge, experience and the equipment to look after them properly. Our no nonsense value for money approach makes our pricing unbeatable!


Servicing Schedule

I = Inspect/top up
R = Replace
3 Mths
6 Mths
12 Mths
24 Mths
60 Mths
Cambelt Only
Engine Oil  R  R  R  R  R
Oil Filter  R  R  R  R  R
Full Electrical & Charging system check  I  I  I  I
Strip and Clean F and R Brakes  I  I  I  I
Inspect Disks, Pads/Lines  I  I  I  I
Full electronic Datalog  I  I  I  I
Ancillary Belts  I  I  R  R
Air Filter  I  R  R  R
Coolant  I  I  R  R
Cooling system pressure test  I  I  I
Change fuel Filter  R  R  R
Fuel lines and connections  I  I  I
Check Suspension and bushes, grease  I  I  I
Check axles, gaitors  I  I  I
Check and top up Power Steer  I  I  I
Brake Fluid + Bleed as Rqd  I  R  R
Clutch Fluid + Bleed as Rqd  I  R  R
Boost leak test  I  I  I
Hand brake adjust  I  I  I
Pedal free play adjust  I  I  I
Full PDI  I  I  I
Drain and refill xfr box  R  R
Drain and refill gearbox  R  R
Drain and refill rear axle  R  R
Clean crancase breater system  I  I
Replace Plugs  R  R
Replace Thermostat  R
Replace Timing Belt  R  R
Replace Cambelt Hydraulic Tensioner  R  R
Replace Cambelt idler and tensioner pulleys  R  R
Replace Water pump  R  R
Replace PCV Valve  R
Pricing £45 £95 £195 £350 £915 £535

(All prices exclude VAT)