A true GT car immortalised by the Playstation games, the GTO is a fearsome car even in standard form. It is a technical masterpiece on wheels and it does need frequent specialist care to keep it going. Eurospec provides that knowledge along with a wealth of experience with these cars at a fraction of main dealer rates.

Servicing Schedule

I = Inspect/top up
R = Replace
3 Mths
6 Mths
12 Mths
24 Mths
60 Mths
Cambelt Only
Engine Oil  R  R  R  R  R
Oil Filter  R  R  R  R  R
Full Electrical & Charging system check  I  I  I  I
Strip and Clean F and R Brakes  I  I  I  I
Inspect Disks, Pads/Lines  I  I  I  I
Full electronic Datalog  I  I  I  I
Ancillary Belts  I  I  R  R
Air Filter  I  R  R  R
Coolant  I  I  R  R
Cooling system pressure test  I  I  I
Change fuel Filter  R  R  R
Fuel lines and connections  I  I  I
Check Suspension and bushes, grease  I  I  I
Check axles, gaitors  I  I  I
Check and top up 4ws  I  I  I
Brake Fluid + Bleed as Rqd  I  R  R
Clutch Fluid + Bleed as Rqd  I  R  R
Boost leak test  I  I  I
Hand brake adjust  I  I  I
Pedal free play adjust  I  I  I
Full PDI  I  I  I
Drain and refill xfr box  R  R
Drain and refill gearbox  R  R
Drain and refill rear axle  R  R
Clean crancase breater system  I  I
Replace Plugs  R
Replace Thermostat  R
Replace Timing Belt  R  R
Replace Cambelt Hydraulic Tensioner  R  R
Replace Cambelt idler and tensioner pulleys  R  R
Replace Ancillary belt tensioners (x2)  R
Replace Water pump  R  R
Replace PCV Valve  R
Pricing £45 £95 £195 £285 £1,055 £535

(All prices exclude VAT)