At Eurospec we can tune any Japanese Sports car from Honda to Toyota. We are confident with any system from:

Hondata  |  AEM  |  Autronic

Link  |  Apexi  |  Map-ECU

GEMS  |  EcuTek  |  Haltech

MOTEC | Nistune

RT Pro | Emerald | Greddy

We also offer specific tuning packages for the many of the more popular and iconic Japanese cars.

Some of the more common jobs we get asked to do:

  • Install boost controller
  • Setup Boost Controller
  • Setup AFC Controller (Rolling Road)
  • Install Timing Controller
  • Setup Timing Controller (Rolling Road)
  • Blow Off Valves (supplied and fitted)
  • Hybrid Turbo Chargers (supplied and fitted)
  • Custom Fuel System (supplied and fitted)
  • Progressive Nitrous systems (supplied and fitted)
  • Stainless Steel Exhaust (supplied and fitted)
  • Race Day Support Crew