Eurospec has installed a Dyno Dynamics Four Wheel Drive 450DS Digital chassis dyno, seen here in our custom dyno cell.

Dyno Dynamics produces what is probably the finest 4WD dyno available- it uses full closed loop load control and sets the standard that the entire performance  industry is measured by. The latest digital control systems mean that once in shootout mode the operator cannot influence the result of the dyno run. That gives us the most accurate and repeatable dyno on the market, and it means our customers can be assured of the integrity of the results we generate.

The dyno itself is capable of handling a total of 1200BHP per axle, meaning in total we can measure and control up to 2400BHP at the wheels! Its housed in our custom built dyno cell. Our high capacity cooling fans can deliver over 40,000 cfm at upwards of 80 miles per hour of cold air directly to car cooling and intercooler systems. With matched extraction, our dyno cell can completely change its entire contents over 8 times per minute, enabling us to simulate ‘on road conditions’ as closely as possible. We use ancillary blowers to assist air feed for irregularly placed intercooler systems (such as MR2 Turbo) or to cope with race cars with side pod radiators.

Whether you are letting us map your car, or whether you want to use our dyno yourself for mapping or power testing, one of the most important aspects of tuning a car is generating as much information as possible. The tuner can use that information to determine how best to modify the car or mapping in order to generate more power and torque. That is why Eurospec invested in the Dyno Dynamics Digital EDM. This Engine Data Module which is only available on the latest dynos allow us to measure and acquire a huge range of data critical to tuning a car.

  • Engine RPM
  • Wheel Speed
  • Manifold Pressure (boost)
  • Injector duty cycle and pulse width
  • Inlet temperature
  • Exhaust gas and intercooler temperatures
  • Detonation (knock)
  • Full ECU Data acquisition for ODBII, Motec and Haltech

Try asking your local dyno centre to print you out a log of knock after they have mapped your car!

We know its not all about hardcore dyno time, and we know not everyone likes to be in the thick of it. Our custom built waiting area features double glazed windows into our dyno cell. From here you can watch the action in the cell either on one of our 7 plasma screens, or direct through the windows. If you’d rather just chill out our waiting area has TV, DVD, Playstation and old skool video as well as the latest Japanese Performance and Banzai mags.

We have full on line data streaming from our dyno to our 7 flatscreens situated inside and outside the cell, so you can be sure you will always know latest performance figures from inside.

Please note that all dyno work, power runs, mapping and tuning are undertaken at the customers risk.