Club Dyno Days and Packages

Eurospec offers great discounted dyno packages to car clubs and groups of friends, providing the opportunity to power test your car, have a great day out and get a top deal into the bargain!

Our club packages start at £35 per car for a club shoot out, and we offer all the standard data logging and graphing facilities that we normally provide on any normal power test.

Call us on 01483 456 560 to book one of our dyno packages.

Dyno Shoot Out Day

  • From £35 per car (less than 13 cars £40)
  • Set up car on Dyno
  • 3 Power runs
  • Full Graphing
  • Turbo cars run with Det cans

Dyno Day Plus

  • 10 hours exclusive dyno time for £550 + vat
  • No Minimum no of cars
  • Maximum 15 cars
  • Mapping and advanced diagnostics Included on any supported system

Dyno Nites

  • Run from 6pm
  • 5-10 cars
  • Ideal for smaller clubs or groups of friends
  • £40 per car

All our dyno packages include:

  • Free Tea/Coffee
  • Free cans of Coke/Diet
  • Free use of BBQ for club events
  • Free biccies, cakes and general munchies
  • Subsidised Pizza Delivery