Independent Tuners and Self Mappers

EurospeMazda on the dynoc offers its state of the art and fully independent dyno facility for rent to independent tuners. This enables you as a tuner to carefully and accurately tune your customers cars to produce the highest outputs possible, safe in the knowledge that the results are accurate.Our operators will be on hand to either operate the road for you, or simply to give advice.

  Assisted operation

Most tuners opt for an assisted service where we operate the dyno for you, strap the car down, generate all the plots and operate the vehicle, enabling you to concentrate on getting the best from your customers cars.

Self Operation

Once independent tuners are trained, we offer the opportunity to rent the rollers and operate them yourself. Please note that this option is available only to professional tuners with a proven track record. The dyno can not be rented for self operation by non professional tuners.

Self Mappers

Our dyno is available to individuals and car enthusiasts, on an assisted basis, who want to map their own vehicles. We will set the car up on the dyno for you, make sure its safely strapped down, load up the appropriate diagnostics for the task you are trying to accomplish and operate the vehicle and dyno for you whilst you map.

Diagnostic devices, comms leads, software packages etc

We make all our professional diagnostic eq uipment available to tuners and self mappers alike. This means that you don’t need to bring your workshop with you – you can simply use ours. At your disposal is:-

  • Phormula KS4 Knock detection and dyno Interface
  • Knock Box
  • Snap On Dial Back Timing Light
  • Twin Thermocouples (EGT, IC, Etc)
  • Wideband O2
  • Subaru Delta Dash
  • Nissan Data Scan
  • Evo Scan
  • ECU Tek Tools
  • TMO
  • Full range of Ecu tuning cables and software covering Vipec, Haltech, Gems, AEM, Motec, Power FC, Tuner Pro, PMR etc etc etc.

Full range of snap on hand tools including compressor, leak down tester etc etc etc

Commercial and frequent users please call us to discuss your needs and individual pricing.  Please note that independant users of our dyno will need there own liability insurance and will be responsible for loss or damage to our equipment.