Power Runs

Had your car modified and need to know how much extra you gained from that spangly new exhaust? Then look no further. At Eurospec we can use our dyno to provide you with comprehensive power testing for your car, no matter what its state of tune.

Your car will be put onto the rollers, set up and securely strapped down using dyno dynamics patent hi-traction system. Once we are happy the car is safe to run we will perform two to three full power runs – ensuring there are no freak results.

Our full datalogging capability can be deployed on any run, but normally the key pieces of information our customers want graphed are:-

  • Power (BHP) and torque at the wheels
  • Power and torque at the flywheel
  • Air fuel ratio and Manifold pressure (boost)

Whilst we are running your car on the rollers we use the latest technology to monitor its performance. This means that if your car does not run properly, or runs in an unsafe way- too lean for example- we can stop the test and advise you of any problems before any damage is caused.

Please note that all dyno work, power runs, mapping and tuning are undertaken at the customers risk.