The Manifold Absolute Pressure Electronic Control Unit replaces voltage and frequency based air flow meters with Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) based load sensing. Voltage types include the spring door ‘flap’ types and hot wire types used by numerous manufactures. Frequency based units are commonly known as Von Karmen Vortex Frequency air flow meter as used by Mitsubishi(tm) or DSM vehicles and some other manufacturers.

This MAP-ECU combines the functionality of other manufacturers Air Flow Converters and Vane to Pressure Converters into the one unit, plus more. It is supplied with a blank table for professional engine tuners who have the experience to customise the configuration. Pre-programmed units will follow for popular vehicles with starter tables, depending on demand.

The MAP-ECU is programmed using a 2D Table Mode or the 3D Graph Mode. Both views allow real-time editing of the MAP-ECU configuration.

The MAP-ECU has a built in serial port which is connected to an Industry Standard PC running Microsoft(tm) Windows95(tm), Windows98(tm), Windows2000(tm) or WindowsNT(tm). Configuration and monitoring is accomplished using our proprietary graphical user interface. The graphical user interface allows real-time configuration and monitoring of the MAP-ECU, even while running the vehicle on a Dyno, etc.

The output data is computed from a 374 Zone table at over 100 times per second based on Manifold Absolute Pressure (-10 to +30 PSI) and RPM (0-8000).