Eurospec is proud to offer a huge range of tyres.    porsche1

Whether you need a cheap set of tyres to get you through your MOT, a great set of semi slicks for the track, or a set of value runners for your daily drive, we have all the major premium and value brands at the best possible price.

Cheapest Tyres In Guildford. Yep, I was surprised too! We checked our pricing against all our local competitors and every time we came out cheapest. We are not tyre monkeys, were not a ‘fast fit’, our profits are not tied to selling you tyres you don’t need when you just have a puncture, or convincing you that you need to buy brakes at dealer prices while you’re here. Our mainstream business is tuning and repairing sports cars. It means we can offer tyres at exceptional prices, prices that the guys who are just sell tyres cant match, because their entire business depends on selling tyres to you.

Best Service, Best care, and Best Price. Our technicians are trained to change tyres on race cars worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. We regularly handle rims worth over £2k each. Our tyre fitting and balancing machines were chosen because they do the best possible job, not because they do it the fastest like the ‘fast fit’ boys need. We have 3 levels of rim protection. Most fast fits don’t even have 1. Want to drop your car off for tyres whilst you go to work? No problem. Need to borrow a car and run into town? We can do that. Here at Eurospec all our customers are valuable- if you get tyres from us, or have a full on race car built, we will do everything we can to make the process easy for you!

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We are open 7 days a week for tyres – please book in advance – its how we keep our prices rock bottom. We take a £5 per tyre deposit from you when you book your slot. When you come in, we take this off your bill. If you fail to show on the day, then unfortunately this is not returnable.